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The Art of Intervention:
Critical Enquiries into Intersections of Private and Public Memory


Visual and Textual Performative Practices


This ambitious collaborative research project between Kingston University London and Kyoto Seiko University Japan brings together a critical mass of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary researchers in the arts and humanities from the UK and Japan to explore the intersections of private and public memory in the articulation of shifting national and transnational identities through the study of contemporary performative art practices.


Led by Professor Fran Lloyd (Kingston) and Rebecca Jennison (Kyoto Seika) and seed funded by a British Council PM1 2 Research Co-operation Award, the cross-cultural research team includes artists, art and cultural historians, performance artists, curators, photographers and film-makers engaged in the rich interplay of visual, textual and material practices that embody sites of private and public memory. These encompass two specific forms of interconnected interventionist projects:

~ The performances and writings of the Kyoto-based collective Dumb Type with particular reference to S/N that explored the tensions between private and public memory through the body and sexuality in the mid 1990s; 


~ The ongoing performative work of contemporary artists/activists and writers that focus on specific questions of how to make a difference to our understanding of the complex interrelationships between the personal and the public in the diverse spaces of contemporary society. The issues explored are wide ranging - from those of personal and collective freedoms, intersections of memory, time, and place in shaping personal, local, national and transnational histories and identities, and overlooked aspects of group or individual memory.


Through a series of invited seminars, workshops, public symposia, live art events and exhibitions this research project seeks to initiate dialogues and collaborations that will enable further new projects and creative partnerships in Japan, UK and beyond.


This project builds upon research collaborations first formed in 2000 through the major touring exhibition, Sex and Consumerism, Contemporary Art in Japan which was supported by The Japan Foundation, Visiting Arts and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and Borderline Cases (2004-2006) exhibited at the Kyoto Art Center.


Professor Fran Lloyd                                                                          Professor Rebecca Jennison
Director of Visual and Material Culture Research Centre                   Kyoto Seika University
Kingston University London                                                               Kyoto Japan


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Launched 11 July 2008, Kyoto